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When working with patients at Catalina Medical Center we always like to be clear about one thing, nutrition matters. Chiropractors help patients with physical therapy, acupuncture, spinal adjustments, and even massages. Those things only focus on the physical aspect of recovery; the other aspect of recovery is nutrition.
For bodies to function at maximum capacity a steady diet of carbs, fats, minerals, proteins, and vitamins are important. Eating healthy makes the body run better and keeps the pressure off your joints. An unhealthy diet of sugars and fats can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. Stressful environments and a lack of essential nutrients in the daily diet demand additional support to aid the body in preventative health care.
For the body to function at its best it is important to combine a healthy diet, a lot of rest, and spinal adjustments to keep your body a well-oiled machine. At Catalina Medical Center we can help answer any questions about nutrition a…

New Years 2019

It has been an amazing 2018 here at Catalina Medical Center with so many new patients becoming a part of our family. We want to make 2019 the best year yet by providing excellent service to all of our patients so everybody can have a happy and healthier year. We welcome people of all ages and have something for everybody!
There’s no better time than the New Year to come see a chiropractor for the first time and our chiropractors are happy to help. We offer a variety of services to clients including massages, electrical stimulation therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, and so much more.  No matter where the aches are we have something for you here at Catalina Medical Center to have yourself healthy.
Our office is opened Monday-Friday and are available until 6 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and until 7 pm on Monday and Friday. For more information on Catalina Medical Center and to view our services massages visit our website at or give us a call at 310-37…