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At Catalina Medical Center, we offer Acupuncture treatment to our patients. Acupuncture is based on the theory of ‘qi’ or energy that flows throughout the body. Acupuncture needles are used to correct any disruptions in the flow of Qi.

Acupuncture is a noninvasive and nontoxic treatment method for chronic pain. At your appointment, metallic needles are placed on specific areas of your body. The process is relatively painless. Some patients report feeling a warm, pulling sensation while others feel cool and light. Treatments awaken the nervous system and internal organs, allowing them to begin their own self-healing power. The goal is not to just relieve symptoms, but to understand the underlying causes of disease. Each session provides both the body and mind with relaxation and restoration.

Traditional Chinese medicinal herbs are used to alleviate certain symptoms during acupuncture therapy. Each blend of herbs is catered to the patient and their unique needs. These formulas have been p…

Workout Mistakes That Hurt Your Back

Exercising is important for your health, and Catalina Medical Center encourages all our patients to be active.  There are simple mistakes people make exercising that cause more pain, so keep these in mind to make sure your workout truly benefits you!  Not warming up, or replacing a warm up with a lot of stretching, is the most common mistake when exercising. Light warm-up exercises will raise your heart rate and increase circulation, providing better blood flow to muscles.  Even five minutes of light cardio exercise and some easy stretching can have this effect.  It is most important to stretch after a workout, when muscles have been warmed up and worked out. Stretching will feel easier and can prevent soreness by releasing lactic acid built up in the muscles.
Even people who exercise regularly can experience strain if they don’t train their core.  Core and abdominal strength is essential for supporting the spine, and abdominal muscles should be trained with every workout.  No matter w…

Sports Massages

Sports massages are customized based on upcoming athletic events and on the current level of discomfort for athletes. The days of athletes only getting massages to perform during sporting events are long gone. There are four different types of massages offered at Catalina Medical Center: pre game, post-game, restorative, and rehabilitative massages.
Prior to playing in sporting events we offer stimulating Swedish massages that target the muscles that will be utilized in the event and boost circulation in the body to maximize performance. Massages for after the event are designed to relieve soreness and help prevent muscle stiffness the day after. Our Chiropractors at Catalina Medical Center also offer restorative massages and rehabilitative massages. Restorative massages are designed for keeping muscle warm and supple while limiting the potential for injury. Rehabilitative massages target a specific injured area to speed up recovery time and increase circulation and range of motion.