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Sports Massages

Sports massages are customized based on upcoming athletic events and on the current level of discomfort for athletes. The days of athletes only getting massages to perform during sporting events are long gone. There are four different types of massages offered at Catalina Medical Center: pre game, post-game, restorative, and rehabilitative massages.
Prior to playing in sporting events we offer stimulating Swedish massages that target the muscles that will be utilized in the event and boost circulation in the body to maximize performance. Massages for after the event are designed to relieve soreness and help prevent muscle stiffness the day after. Our Chiropractors at Catalina Medical Center also offer restorative massages and rehabilitative massages. Restorative massages are designed for keeping muscle warm and supple while limiting the potential for injury. Rehabilitative massages target a specific injured area to speed up recovery time and increase circulation and range of motion.