When to See a Chiropractor

With our staff of chiropractors, medical doctors, and manual therapists, we at the Catalina Medical Center are prepared to help patients at any stage of a back injury. Back pain is unfortunately common, leading many people to think there’s some threshold of pain that has to be met in order to justify seeking treatment. This is not true, but there are some situations in which it is especially urgent for people to seek help.

Whenever a person suffers whiplash, they should get assessed for neck damage. Often, tears in neck ligaments may not be immediately felt, but can worsen with time. People should also seek help when back pain lasts for longer than a week, and we strongly recommend that anybody who has been in pain for more than six weeks make an appointment. As a holistic medical center, our efforts are focused on putting the body in the best position for its natural healing processes to be effective.

We especially want our patients to be conscious of the symptoms of a pinched nerve. Leg tingling, numbness, shooting pain, or incontinence could be caused by sciatica, a compression of the sciatic nerve. Treatments such as spinal adjustments are used to correct slipped discs, which put pressure on nerves and may be slow to heal on their own. While a patient is healing, we can safely ease their comfort through methods such as acupuncture, low-level laser therapy, and ultrasounds.

The Catalina Medical Center is located at 1919 S Catalina Ave, Redondo Beach, California, 90277. To schedule an appointment, visit Catalina Medical or call 310-378-7246.



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